Professional photographer Jamie Maldonado reflects on photography assignments, and shares tips and hints on how to improve your photography. 

Lately ...

Laney, being awesome. Click here to find out more about the photo! 

Laney, being awesome. Click here to find out more about the photo! 

I realized I should be using my blog more to keep up on what I've been shooting, instead of forcing myself to try to dream up rich content and long posts. Those might fall out of my head randomly, but I'll try first to let you know what I'm doing now, and share a glimpse of my work as I'm doing it.

In that spirit, at this very moment I am burning a disc to deliver the final images of a wedding, culling photos from a wedding this past weekend (beautiful and fun!) and preparing to send proofs to another bride. I'm also helping plan a big fashion shoot I'll be doing for a bridal magazine. On the non-wedding side, I'm working on scheduling a family session, editing promotional photos for a musician, preparing to document a luthier's workshop and I'm also editing some personal work while lining up more. This is all on top of my day job as Lab Manager for Kilgore College's photography and journalism programs. Whew! 

There you go: You CAN make a living doing what you love. It's not always easy, and I am sure plenty of challenges await, but I'm loving the ride. Take that, cynicism.

The photo above is of Laney, shot at a new favorite spot. 'Nuff said?