New Learning Context

Some polishing.

-Down a rabbit hole so deep. Trying to keep it from going too out of control – I want to have a manageable thesis. I'll let myself fall all the way down when that's done. Still, Tuesday's meeting will provide the proper sense of direction. 
-Going to talk to some East Texas ... experts? Not really. People who have pondered things more formally than I have. Whose other perspectives can enrich mine. 
- Gregory Crewdson makes work about his home. 
- Victorian Fairy Painting
- Despite this East Texas obsession, this work is still about the women.
- In fact, it's incomplete without either one.
- The women as heroes was fine (as it was presented in May). but the adversarial ET galvanized it.
- Now a tight circle, gaining more and more definition.
- Fixation on not being about the male gaze. The photos are beautiful, The subjects are, too. My goal is to push WHAT is shown as beautiful. This will involve some very exciting shooting coming up in the next few weeks. (Busy schedules are so hard to work with, but this will be very much worth it.) As I say, "My umbrella is wide." I think close inspection shows more diversity than one might perceive at a glance.