New Learning Context

Consider it all

Not sure this one fits in, but strong color, unusual subject. Strong light, strong color. Contemplation. Strength. A look outside. Need to sit down and clarify the role of indoor shots in this series. But first, sleep. 

(Quick tally for Tuesday's meeting: 
46 "Will Consider" to about 21 "meh." photos posted here. Excluding large amounts of images that did not require enough effort to consider separate. I probably had about 5-8 shoots fail to produce any results, and probably about 5-10 shoots that have rescheduled past Tuesday or vaporized. So technically, we have nearly 70 shots out of a potential 80-90, 46 of which I'm still seriously considering for the MFA exhibition. Considering the amount of work that generally goes into making one of these work, I feel like I'm doing ok. I've really only wasted a couple of available weeks in my eyes, and a couple of those involved my camera or lens being repaired.