Enter video

I have long been resistant to doing video, despite my first photographic idol (Spike Jonze) becoming quite famous as an Oscar-winning director of movies and music videos. Honestly, I've been resistant of anything but photography. I'm a purist. But that's not really true.

I get me out-of-medium kicks through books, music and movies. Maybe these aren't as "pure" as painting or sculpture, but I don't really care? 

Nevertheless, I have thought about dabbling in motion now and then – just not at the detriment of photography. I think of motion as garish and unnecessary in a lot of cases. I believe strongly in the storytelling abilities of the still photograph. 

That said, illustrating a typical scene I might see in my head when I'm making one of these photographs does seem quite useful. I see something like this play out with just about every photograph I take in this series, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I'm what I would call "film school bad," but I'm pleased enough to go forward with this one. Which is, I guess, about how I feel about anything I shoot.