The equipment Massacre Continues ...

And just like that, my digital back is damaged and I won't be shooting new photos for this any time soon ... I was shooting another photo for this series, and then the flash input fell inside the back ... Yep. 

I guess this coincides well enough with having to wrap up my show prints for my NLC presentation, and making sure I have the slide show and handouts together nice and tight so I can do a few practice runs with everything ready. 

Speaking of the prints, I'm superbly happy with the paper, the mounting ad the frames themselves, but my initial run does not fit inside the frames as well as I had hoped. I have some ideas to assure I won't have any unwanted blowouts, though. How many more hundreds of dollars do I have to spend to get one damn framed print I'm happy with? On top of that, two of my new prints were damaged, meaning I'll have to request replacements from a company that's going to be closed half the time until my review (for Passover). Regardless, I'm trying to have 12-16 hanging for my NLC review, and 35-40 for my hopeful exhibition. I guess that largely depends on what space will actually allow when I can get in there and measure it out. I have the photos, and now I just enough money.

In great news, I've had a nice run in competitions:

1) I received Juror's Honorable Mention in the A Smith Gallery show, "She."

2) I was picked for an online gallery in a PhotoPlace Gallery exhibition, "Intimate Portraits," which would normally make me feel like a loser, except this one was juried by Joyce Tenneseon

3) And to cap the great week of recognition, at least one of my images was accepted in to the Yale Photo Society's Spring Exhibition as a Guest Graduate Artist. More on this as it develops!

I hope to be able to swing by campus next week (and had hoped to this week, but forgot that Good Friday pretty much erases any hope I have of getting a day off). 

More t/k!