I will photograph nearly anything (within reason), but if you don’t see it listed here, please ask! 

*Prints available. I’m still working out the best pricing strategy, but feel free to ask. The quality is sterling, and my rates are very reasonable.

* All shoots will include high resolution images on a CD or DVD. RAW files are available with additional charges. 


I generally charge about $125-$200 per session (usually depending on complexity and length), and sessions tend to last around 1-2 hours. I also offer half- and full-day rates, which I will gladly discuss. I will try hard to fit your budget, so let's talk!


• Pricing begins around $2,000, and can include bridal and engagement images. I often cover the entire day of the event, and even the rehearsal (which I prefer, so I have a stronger understanding of what will happen). Part of this payment also covers pay for my assistant, who is an integral part of producing beautiful images worthy of the momentous occasion. I will also include a disc of the finished images at no additional charge. 

Band promo portraits

• $150-200 A good promo shot can make a difference in getting a gig, getting signed, and are great for nabbing attention. Good marketing can be a make-or-break difference.


• $150+gas, if I am going far. Make sure the lights are good, or that I can use flash.