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Site updated; DSLR scan video to come!

UPDATE: Check here for my new scanning video!

I updated my portfolios (the main gallery, weddings and iPhone) and gave my site a minor polish, including captions and titles for many images, especially in the primary gallery. My main gallery includes several images from my Personal Space project, in addition to a number of other editorial portraits. Thank you for browsing!

Also, I had intended to be finished with it today, but I will soon be posting a much-requested video on DSLR scanning. I mostly just need to do the voiceover and I need to make sure I have everything presented thoroughly and non-threateningly. I filmed a demonstration scan the other day, and was amazed at how quickly it all went. I hope you'll find it all as easy as I do!

Anyway, thank you again for your views, and I hope to reward your patience with the video! I have a lot of editing to do for various jobs, so I keep having to juggle things. But rest assured, it won't be long!

*UPDATE: June 6, 2014: I swear I am working on this video, but hit a serious and odd technical hurdle. I believe I know how to resolve it, so it will be up  as soon as I can catch up!