Quick update

So my job hasn't killed my ambitions. Lyme Disease is trying ... But I'm hanging in there. 

Losing more than two weeks to a broken lens has helped nothing. But the last half of them month has been increasingly productive. Enough that I haven't posted a few photos I thought were subpar, even if they might make me look busier.

Travel ambitions suffering from lack of funds, but research is strong. And the coming month of full paychecks will help greatly.

Still astounded by how thoroughly the spring semester wiped out all of my thesis work, save for a handful of books and maybe what will be a couple of pages about some photographers.

I sit down at the end of the day - in the middle of the day - sometimes first thing in the day ... And feel exhausted. I go to sleep most nights feeling physically ill with exhaustion. I get a random day off, and feel exhausted.

But I'm still working and still scheduling work. And I think my job is helping motivate my brain, tighten my skills, give me a venue for doing work, and supply me with the money for the few excursions I think I need to make.

Going broke in Colorado proved to be quite fruitful. Excited to share some of my direction.

But first, exhaustion.