Framing desire

I don't know why framing is such a horrible struggle for me, but occasionally I'll do something that makes me feel kind of cool. (I cut some nearly perfect spacers one time, and considering how jagged and sketchy I tend to be away from computers, that's pretty dang great.) I had ordered some really lovely frames from Frame Destination, and poured money into getting my prints just right from Adorama. I had just gotten a good batch after a month of shipping drama, and just as I place the first print in the frame ... I realized that Adorama had trimmed the prints 1/4 too narrow. Considering how Passover is in full stride and they are an Orthodox Jewish company, and how many well-presented images I want to show in May, this was devastating. 

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I finally had a workable idea: I would just put my spacers in the wrong way and double them up, hopefully giving enough of a lip for the photos to rest against, and not pushing past the edge of the frame. After a tense moment of testing: Voila! It was a success!

Elated, I set up three prints with minimal issue, but discovered the fourth was just too narrow, even for this solution. Fortunately, it was also fairly damaged from shipping, so I think I'll be able to get a refund and replacement as soon as Adorama reopens.

In the meantime, I'm going to set about ordering the same type of prints from Bay Photo and probably 4-8 more identical frames from Frame Destination. 

Seeing a finished print is just really nice after a year of trying to feel like I've done something despite nonstop work.